These are some of the amazing people who have recovered using Dr Weekes' method

"Hope and help for your nerves" changed my life. I learned to stop fuelling the anxiety through my reactions and body language. To float instead of white knuckling through it. To allow it to fade on its own - without my interference.
I'm forever grateful to her work and I pay it forward every single day through guiding others.
- Ingvild, Norway 

"Claire saved my life. From her calming voice - to her incredible knowledge of how to win against that voice in your head. I had been back and forth to the doctors, tried counselling, taken numerous medications, tried reading self-help books but nothing would ease my panic attacks, anxiety and borderline agoraphobia. That’s until I came across Claire’s audio books. She helped me to understand how to calm my nerves and how to not push myself, to take little steps. I’d listen to Claire before I’d leave the house and whenever I felt anxious, as soon as I heard her voice I would feel an immense feeling of calm. She saved my life and I wish that I could thank her."
- Georgina, Essex UK 

"She has helped me multiple times and I have shared her work with others. So grateful to have her voice to guide me through when I get lost."
Annmarie, Madison WI. USA

"She was my lifeline when I was lost, confused and terrified. She made me realise I wasn’t nuts and that I could recover! I have every book; they are worn out from reading and re-reading. I tell anyone who needs help she’s the GOLD standard - she’s a saint in my opinion!"
- Isabel, Ireland

“Jelly legs are still good legs. Jelly legs will get you there.”


"Claire Weekes’ books lifted me from a very black hole. From her introductory paragraph, it seemed she knew exactly what I was feeling, and was speaking directly to me. I read and re-read her wonderful words. I have shared and recommended her books to friends and relatives. Truly a lifesaver."
- Julie, Canberra Australia

"After struggling on and off with bouts of anxiety since my early 20s, Claire’s message of hope through acceptance helped me to finally make sense of the mess inside my head. Knowing that Claire had been helping people who were going through the exact same problem decades before I was born, gave me an understanding that not only am I not alone, but that these problems can be (and have been) overcome. Thank you Claire!"
- David, Australia

"I am 36 years old. I experienced my first panic attack ever almost exactly one year ago. I didn’t know what it was but I was terrified and that led to more and more and I was soon stuck in the anxiety cycle. I went to doctors and tried talking to a therapist and all they did was give me medication. No one knew how to truly help me. I Googled my symptoms trying to find out how I could fix them and I somehow found Claire Weekes’ name. I got her audiobook and listened to it over and over again. Just her describing and understanding what I was going through was a huge help. It took a while and a lot of practice accepting, but I haven’t had a panic attack for 7 months and now feel almost zero anxiety. And I don’t fear it all coming back because I know the way out. I love Claire Weekes and I am so thankful for her. Everyone should be taught Claire Weekes work. It should be required to become a therapist or doctor. It should be taught to everyone so they know right away not to be afraid of fear itself. Claire Weekes will always be my hero."
- Heather, Utah USA

"It was my therapist who recommended Dr Weekes books to me, the best thing she ever did. What I got from the books more than anything is that "it's the no longer mattering that counts" when you can float to that point by practicing utter, utter acceptance you can consider yourself recovered. It’s the practicing that gets you there and not necessarily the end result. There have been many plagiarists of her work (none of which hold a candle to her) which try to speed up the process which you can't. As she always taught, let time pass do not be impatient with time. I’ve seen several psychologists, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists and spent thousands in the process. None of which were as effective as practicing what Dr Weekes taught which really does work when applied and put into practice.

She was and still is the - Mount Everest - of self-help techniques that actually do work. A true Pioneer! Thank you Dr. Weekes "
- Danny, Liverpool UK

“Accept. It doesn’t matter if you forget all the rest,
just remember – accept.”


"I spent 10 years in DP DR and spent thousands on doctors and treatments from 2010 to 2020. I came across Claire’s book, and it changed everything. Still dealing with brain fog, but I can properly see through this and realise I kept myself in this DP DR prison with bewilderment. What was supposed to be a stressful few months in my life turned into a 10 year merry go round. I cannot believe this book was written so long ago and doctors are not educated on this, all the lives it would save! Forever grateful!"
- Amy, Texas USA

"Dr Weekes' work saved me. I was suffering terrible anxiety after some health problems. Nothing I tried was helping. My daughter had her book, I read it in one day and instantly felt there was hope for me. She was so descriptive. She got it. And showed how to find relief. I constantly recommend her work to anyone who has anxiety."
- Julie, Australia

"I struggle to put in to words how much Dr Weekes books and audio recordings helped me. Before I found Dr Weekes work I was battling constantly with my anxiety and getting myself more stressed and bewildered every day. Once I found Dr Weekes’ work, I finally understood what was happening to me. Once I had the understanding, and started to truly believe in what I had learned, my road to recovery had started. I carried Dr Weekes’ book “Essential Help for Your Nerves” everywhere with me. It became my bible; it guided me through every symptom of my anxiety and through on to recovery. To this day if I have a bit of a moment I just remember the words in the book and I can sort myself out. I truly believe if I would not have stumbled upon Dr Weekes’ work, then I would still be as scared and bewildered as I was on the fist day my symptoms appeared, probably even worse. I would go as far to say I owe my life to Dr Weekes work. I can only hope that anyone suffering as I was, has the good fortune to stumble upon Dr Weekes’ work as I did."
- Craig, Norwich UK

"My anxiety was a demonic jailer; it held me prisoner all my life. To appease it I drank & took drugs. At 51 years old I had become a helpless wreck, one litre of vodka a day, Valium & depressive medications, none of which mixed well, & I ended up being rushed to hospital three times seizing violently as I had overdosed. My life was over part from the final drink. 

I then found a book by Dr Weekes & learning to accept the horrid tricks anxiety played on my mind, & keep on accepting, I am now free. I could not even leave my house I was a pathetic wreck literally on my knees, but now I travel Asia & am the only person on earth to be building a video library of the lost temples of the Khmer Empire. An idea I had to fill all the time drink left behind. 

I now appear in two national newspapers regularly & have been offered a contract by the Ambassador of India. I owe every single smile, every inch of road I travel to Dr Weekes, I am no religious man but she is my angel & I truly love her, just typing this is making my eyes water, I owe her so very much & I will never be able to tell her…. but I found this page & I hope her relatives read this & know she is still healing people & making some of us whole again. Thank you with all my heart I truly love you Dr Weekes. There would be no me without you X"
- Paulo, Cambodia

"Claire Weekes saved my life!  Her book is like no other. I have dealt with anxiety/depression for my entire life - but especially in high school. Whenever I would have a panic attack and my anxiety would become debilitating - I would read her book and that was the only thing that would calm me. My dad gave it to me, and he read it when he was a kid, it was bought right when it came out. It is pretty worn, but I do think it is cool having the original copy. Claire is so special. She changed my life - something medication and therapy could not do. Such a hero."
- Rebecca, Chicago USA

“Anxiety is closely related to fear. The difference between them is
one of timing as well as intensity.”


To the sufferer,

I want you to know that I have been where you are now....and I have made a full recovery and now live a completely healthy, normal life.

I want you to know that it is completely within you power to do this. And the answer is really quite simple. And definitely achievable!

I want you to know that I have suffered. Badly. Probably just like you. But don’t despair. Help is at hand. You are not going mad, as I thought I was (which was terrifying enough on its own).

I used to experience depersonalisation where I would be looking at or talking to someone and they would seem like they were half a centimetre high) I would walk down the street and buildings would appear to sway - as if they were made from unset jelly.

I would get these sudden spasms of terror, which would course throughout my whole body. I would try and explain the severity of the panic attacks to people and liken it to travelling in an aeroplane and all of a sudden the captain would announce “prepare for a crash landing!” That was the closest I could think of that would explain the level of anxiety I was experiencing – although in reality it was much worse than that.

I was referred to a psychologist who had experienced panic attacks himself, and had made a full recovery. He understood. He advised me to read all ofDr Claire Weeks’s books (Peace from Nervous Suffering etc) In her books ,Claire explains that what we are experience when we have panic attacks, is an extremely high level of adrenalin rushing through our bodies . That is all it is. A “Fight or Flight “situation in the face of impending or imagined danger. If we REACT to this adrenalin, MORE rushes in – and this results in a full blown panic attack. If we ACCEPT the stirring feeling s that come upon us, and surrender ourselves to the feeling – then it goes away. If we fight it – it magnifies the situation (think of a situation in childhood, when you might have been the subject of teasing by an elder brother or sister. The more you reacted  - the more they tortured you – if you didn’t react, they soon got bored and went away and stopped the teasing) Same thing here. My key word – my life bouy – my mantra became the word ”ACCEPT”. It brought me endless comfort when I felt an attack coming on.

So, read and follow Dr Weeks’s advice. You can do this. You can heal yourself. If I can – you can. I’m not a particularly brave person ( I’m scared of spiders, snakes and speaking in public).

I urge you to keep a daily diary of where you at and you will start to notice the gaps between not having attacks and having attacks.This will encourage you. I will also say that occasionally, out of the blue, you might experience a major attack – just when you thought things were going along swimmingly. This is quite normal. Sometimes it’s a case of 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards. Which is why you have to keep the word ‘ACCEPT’ in your mind and just accept it. It will soon blow over. Quickly.

Don’t be tempted to run off and seek recovery that is outside of yourself. Such as letting people “float” or calm you through situations that make you anxious- or where you last experienced a panic attack. This won’t work properly, as you don’t know in which situation or location you are going to next have a panic attack. It's best to face your fear front on .“OK “– I used to say...”do your worst” at the fear....and guess what happened...NOTHING! It would calm down and go away!

If you are seeing a psychologist, they may suggest a very short low level dosage of Valium, to take the edge off you – until you feel a bit stronger and not so sensitised. I did this for about 6 weeks.

You may not need to do this though. I only did this because my stress levels were through the roof.

As I said at the beginning – if I can heal myself – you can.

It’s not complex – it is very simple.

I can’t wait for you to get better – and you will.
- Janet,
Sydney Australia

“I have used acceptance again and again in writings and recordings.
You may think I place too much importance on it. How could I when it is the key to recovery?”